October 27, 2010

the last brandywine

was delicious in this recipe ... we highly recommend it!

October 19, 2010

warm light

garlic is planted ~ early italian, dujansky and german porcelain.
this morning seeded beds with chard, kale, mustard and chrysanthemum greens. over wintered the beds with buckwheat. the gift of northeast wind creates clear skies and warm afternoon light.

October 15, 2010

the last bits

today's lunch with avocado, bacon and fresh sourdough

October 12, 2010


saffron crocus and wooden utensils drying

October 8, 2010

herriot grace walnut spreading knife

our older and trusty spreading knife (mostly for nut butters) ~ along side a new and beautiful HG walnut spreading knife. thank you nikole and lance

October 5, 2010

scarlet runner beans

saving the bean pods from the garden and will plant again next year

October 2, 2010