October 18, 2012

this moment

 lentil stew simmering on the stove ~ warm light flooding the kitchen 

October 15, 2012

around here ~

treats for David ~ left over rice was transformed into onigiri, local apples and cinnamon raisin bread w/nut butter and banana

beautiful crumbly soil all made possible by composting all of our veggie scraps, peels, shredded paper and straw.  this full wheelbarrow was started around the end of May and finished adding around the end of September ~ added this to our garden bed last week

October 7, 2012

Metolius River

we hiked along the Metolius River to the fish hatchery and back ~ 5 miles  

unlike any October we have experienced since moving to Oregon 15 years ago ~ warm, sunny and dry. 
we are getting out almost every day before the rains arrive

~ indigo blue waters ~

October 4, 2012

a little time away

this beautiful Arbutus tree is near the trail along Lithia Park in Ashland 

Depoe Bay on a warm foggy day 

October 3, 2012

 being mindful of the woolly worms on the trail this morning

 foraged pears and apples ~ will stew the pears with vanilla bean and star anise 
~apple galettes for David

starting to paint again