August 30, 2012

gifts on the trail

morning walk at Bald Hill and discovered these wild plums along the trail ~ we picked a hat full ~ 

August 28, 2012

x Amarcrinum ~ Naked Ladies

Blooming in the west garden and gracing our shrine room

August 23, 2012

August 22, 2012

"Do small things with great love"
Mother Teresa

August 16, 2012


 pickled beet juice now becomes delicious juice for pickled hard boiled eggs ~

on my thrifting/antiquing rounds ~ a small gift for a dear sister

 from the garden ~ summer's gift

August 10, 2012

happy friday

warm breeze from the east and a wooden flute echoing along the river walk ~ happy friday

warm summer days

August 3, 2012

Page Springs Campground ~ Bonaparte Gulls

along the Blitzen River  ~  summer trip to Malheur Wildlife Refuge

summer stroll

feeling restless we found our way to a forgotten trail taken many years ago 

the junco's warned others we were in their mist and followed us in and among the cool underbrush

a warm summer afternoon filled the forest with many sweet and musty scents ~  spaciousness of the forest, many shades of green and the bluest of skies relaxed our restless minds.  we walked in silence, stopping every now to appreciate where we were and breath ~