December 29, 2009

winter joys

you can't see the top of his cap but there was frost on it after his run

the suet and seed feeder and who's visiting is like watching TV ... today many visits from the smallest to the largest. bushtits, yellow rumped warbler, juncos, anna's hummingbird (it visited the suet feeder a few times between its sugar water feeding), female northern flicker, female downy woodpecker, starlings, scrub jay, ruby crowned kinglet, chestnut backed and black capped chickadees

me trying to hand feed the chickadees (black capped and chestnut backed)

December 27, 2009

new years thoughts

north wind unveils moon
life continues suspended
inside stove blazes
(21 jan 2008)
david & lydia

December 25, 2009

wishing we were together

the only thing better than this ... would of been a lot more chairs and plates around that table.

its 39' here today and of course the sun came out as I was driving David to work. I will drive over later and have dinner with him at the hospital.

where ever we find ourselves today, together in the same room or not ... we are wishing each of you a day of joy and fun with those you love.

December 22, 2009

December 19, 2009

no snowy owl

on the coast at Netarts (fogged in) but a nice long list of birds. one of the many was new to the life list ... hermits thrush at the Cape Meares Lighthouse.

~ blue heron
~ great egret
~ golden crowned kinglet
~ hermit thrush
~ brown pelican - in winter plumage
~ bufflehead - male and females
~ northern shoveler
~ bald eagles - 3

December 13, 2009