December 31, 2010


we ran him off twice from the seed feeder and finally brought it inside. he sat in this pose while we stood at the window and didn't move for the longest time. we think he is taking lesson from the scrub jay!

December 24, 2010

christmas eve

lovely ... to the eye and the tongue!

enjoying the candle light

local bread, shrimp, salad greens and wine ... pacific northwest christmas eve

December 6, 2010


packages half wrapped ~ only two more days to finish ~ arriving by post to precious grandchildren

December 1, 2010


Airing out the dried beans from the Matt & Cyn Farm. Last fall we purchased a few heirloom beans at the closing of the market and they were fantastic compared what we can purchase locally at the co-op. This winter we stocked up on about 12 different varieties. The cannellini I cooked up a few weeks ago were the best we have had in years. The day we purchased these they had just threshed the last of their crops the day before and recommended we allow the beans to"breath" before storing them. Here they are with there lids off after airing for a week out on the kitchen counter.
Butterscotch Calypso
Hidatsa Shield Figure
Yellow Indian Woman
Rio Zape
Good Mother Stallard