July 16, 2010

zen riddle

ten thousand things
all in this breath
if you see through this world and let go of it
this is wisdom
if you see through it, but don't let it go
that's just "talking Zen"

ten thousand things
all in this breath
grasping hold of emptiness
there's really nothing to say

ten thousand things
all in this breath
why are people in this world so busy?
just for this one breath
they say "busy busy, mine mine ... "
busy a whole lifetime for "Me"

when this breath is cut off
you let go of the whole universe
why not let go from the start?

grasping hold of emptiness
you want to talk about "real"
show me one thing that is real
there's nothing real from the start

every day, morning to night, gathering things
big and small, valuables, money, name and recognition
gathering it all up into your lap
like you're holding the golden key
busy your whole life for nothing
acting like a thief

why not put all the energy to liberation?
put this mind to the Path

everyone in the world is controlled by this
shed this control and then you'll be free, content, liberated

though there are words to speak, none of these are real
talking and talk, like flowers falling from heaven
its all worthless.

there is really nothing to say
if you think what you are grasping is real
there's no good in that

you can't take it with you

(from documentary "Amongst White Clouds")

July 13, 2010

ocean view via Neahkahnie Mountain

early morning on the coast ... you can see the fog bank moving into Manzanita