February 26, 2008

camellia at 2nd & tyler

at the old boarded up house stands guard this camellia ~ the first to bloom in the neighborhood and the focus of our morning walk ~ to view its return, along with the geese and the daffodils ... close behind.

February 13, 2008

spring and our favorite lunch

this morning with the sun shining we worked in the yard the first time in months. pruning blueberries and replanted a small dogwood tree to the back yard, still debating where to move the roses and what seeds to start in the garden. like the birds we were enjoying the weather looking forward to spring. we ended it with our favorite lunch ... brown rice, black kale with umeboshi plum vinegar and home canned tuna.

and of course our daily dose of chocolate

February 12, 2008

one last snow picture ... a couple of weeks ago

today the daffodils are pushing up their leaves ... spring is on its way.