April 24, 2008

a place to hang our ... towels

electric is finally finished with sconce and switch panel installed

medicine cabinet
new door ... painting will happen when the weather warms up

door knob to match the bedroom ... astoria glass

and after living in the house for 8 years and no place in the bathroom to hang a towel ... we think this will do just fine!

April 22, 2008

more steps ...

the shower is high and not hidden under short cupboards ...

5 ft long and holds the perfect amount of "hot" water
new sink and toilet ... its finally a real bathroom! pictures of the door and window to come and update on baking out the smell of the paint off the outside of the tub.

a few steps forward

green and white flooring ... we love it!

walls are actually done ... painted with small amount of sand in it to look like lath and plaster finish.
new ceiling light which reflects the green in the floor. old fan exhaust plate cleaned up well and looks new but old style.