September 10, 2012

quiet moments ~ weather gram


Margie said...

Beautiful Lydia! What is your first photo, the weather gram? Very interesting!!
I did have to go out and see if the acorns are starting to turn here also, and they are!!

Love You

lydia and david said...

Margie, the first photo is a dried ginkgo leaf~ David picked it up on one of his runs a year ago last fall. It has dried to a very soft paper like texture and I have it hanging on my sewing/art tansu.

The last photo is the weather gram. Sort of a poem or a haiku and then hung outside in a tree or shrub or garden and along trails. The name means "weather writing" ~ notations by sun, wind, rain etc.. and the message usually denotes the season.


Margie said...

Thank you for sharing Lydia.
Love it!!!