September 19, 2012

found and repaired

discovered this small wooden jar (glass insert) at one of the local thrift stores.  I had a small wooden spoon that fit the spoon slot ~ now holds our daily chia seed for our morning oat groats 

replacing the binding on a pair of 20 year old potholders ~ discovered some striped linen in my small stash of fabric ... hope they'll hold up another 20 years


Margie said...

I love the potholders Lydia, and the binding looks perfect for them. I hope they go another 20 for you also:) What a wonderful find with the small wooden jar!!!

lydia and david said...

Thanks Margie ...$4 at the thrift store for the wooden jar ~ I replaced the plastic spoon it came with the wooden one I had. Looks nice among the pottery and other wood I have in the kitchen.