September 14, 2011


pinto bean tempeh wraps

marinating pinto bean tempeh

red lentils soaking for soup


momo said...

never heard of that, pinto beans tenpeh! Did you make them?
I am not familiar with pinto beans but am keen to make tempeh from non-soy beans.
Is it pretty much the same as soy bean tempeh?

lydia and david said...

Momo, the pinto bean tempeh I purchased from our local food co-op and is made by a small group of folks here...Vegantopia.
This is very fresh tempeh which is a new addition in our food as I have only purchased the variety you usually find in the stores. Pinto beans are a brown speckled bean and widely used here ... best known for its use in Mexican style foods.

Vegantopia makes, soybean, quinoa, pinto and black bean tempeh. How do you prepare fresh tempeh compared to the store bought variety?