March 29, 2010

resting with rumi

Scatterbrain sweetness ~ rumi

There is a glory that breathes life back
in a corpse and brings strangers together

as friends. Call that one back who fills
the held-out robe of a thornbush with

flowers, who clears muddied minds, who
gives a two-day-old infant wisdom beyond

anyone's learning. "What baby?" you ask.
There is a fountain, a passion circulating.

I'm not saying this well because I'm too
much in the scatterbrain sweetness. Listen

anyway. It must be said. There are eyes
that see into eternity. A presence beyond

the power and magic of shamans. Let that
in. Sink to the floor, full prostration.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i've been reading a lot of rumi lately. i'm constantly astounded by how his words have survived so many centuries, and are still relevant today. love this poem.

enjoy your tuesday :)

xo Alison