October 14, 2009

fall pleasures

These beauties were overlooked in the garden a few weeks ago. Missing out on tasting their flavor for the season ... now have gone into bloom. I purchased a very small plant and different variety than what is mostly offered at our local nursery and planted it for David when he had mentioned he would enjoy one in the garden. With the size of the plant starting out so small we weren't sure it would produce this year. Today the plant almost stands as tall as me and is a beauty from the bedroom window at first light in the morning. So instead of tasting it we are enjoying their sweet scent here inside on a windy and rainy day.

Its pear and apple season here. Which means apple and pear sauce to enjoy for breakfast with yogurt along side our toast and tea. So many trees in our neighborhood with fruit scattered everywhere and no one partaking of it. A year ago our apple trees provided a good amount of fruit for apple sauce and 2 very small jars of apple butter. This spring our trees had no bloom thus no fruit. The last few weeks we have purchased apples from two vendors at our saturday farmers market and will continue to do so for eating and juicing. But there is something appealing to us both about partaking of fruits so freely given in nature.

Last fall we gleaned windfall apples from a lonely tree at Bald Hill and it provided us 2 pints of tasty apple sauce. David was out last week for a run in that same area and couldn't locate the tree and neither could we today. Instead on our walk we came upon 3 wild pear trees and the bounty above will become pear sauce and/or pear crisp. We may drive out to Finley Wildlife Refuge and see if the old apple trees their have anything to share ... in the meanwhile I had better round up a few more canning jars.

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