January 29, 2009

Starting off another 30 years

Yesterday marked our 30th anniversary and because it ends with a zero there is a certain significance attached above and beyond the years in between. We have had the week off together to commemorate this sacred event in our lives. It is interesting that we could not really come up with something "commemorative" to do. We came kind of close to going to Kauai but backed out in the end. There is something going on with both of us when it comes to making plans about spending time together.

It seems that nothing quite does it for us lately. We took some time off in September and eventually settled on going to the coast and traveling to Tofino in British Columbia which was all beautiful as you can imagine .... but not particularly fulfilling. When we talk about what we might like to do, there is a 3 step process that results. First, the requisite pause plus or minus a look on the face that gives the impression that you are seriously pondering the endless possibilities. Second, a stammering that generally comes out something like "I don't know". The third step being the grand fantasy that you will be relieved of responsibility by asking "What about you?".

The answer to this dilemma seems to come out in a couple of ways. One is that there just isn't that much that mentally stimulates us as they once did and most of those are now part of our everyday life. The second being that if we don't have any relationship to it, we're not interested. Not even curious. Period! And let's face it, the way we live our lives keeps us from relating to a lot of things and we get by just fine, thank you.

So what is a 50 something couple to do when presented with these stark facts of what it is like to have lived 30 years together and have exhaustively discussed what activities are of value and which are like "huh, should have saved my time and money"?

You do what you have loved to do together for the previous 30 years and brought meaning to your lives. You do what has created so many of the wonderful memories that you cherish. You go on a nice 2 hour hike in the McDonald forest with the sun shining to begin the next 30 years of your lives together. And you talk about some of your old times out in the woods with your boys and meals that you had together. About things that you have seen, heard and done. You look and listen for all the things that await you in the natural world. And you talk about those things that you haven't done but still have a yearning for in your hearts.

May today be the start of another wonderful 30 years of love and fulfillment!

What a beautiful start to our walk in the forest. It was a bit cold in the shade but the trail left plenty of opportunity for sunshine.
Mossy trees and ferns showered in sunshine

Sunshine resting on fallen maple leaves

This is one of those pictures you just happen upon (and now rests at the top of our blog) and you wonder what happened here! Another hiker happened by while we were taking this and offered the possibility that the plane may have had to return to the airport. More likely to my mind is that this picture is proof that UFO's exist and they are confirmed Zen Buddhists!

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Margie said...

What a beautiful way to spend an anniversary!! Perfect for two very special people!!