November 5, 2008

"yes we can"

last march walking downtown to view a movie we missed the opportunity to see Barack Obama at our local pizza parlor ~ American Dream Pizza. a buzz was in the air as we stopped to watch policeman wave a motorcade and large bus through the stoplights on main street ... we were told Obama had just finished his cheese pizza and drew a large crowd inside and out. it didn't matter we had missed seeing him for ourselves. we both felt delighted he made a stop along his tour and spoke to many at dream pizza. we held that event as some omen to this election ...

last evening as I was finishing up the laundry and ironing in the basement, before turning off the light I paused ... walked to the pantry and inside I picked up a bottle of champange we had just put in storage for this New Years Eve. I told myself when David arrived home from work and we watched the results on the laptop together ... this night could feel more like New Years Eve then many we have had in the past.

cheers to the next four years!

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