March 6, 2008

rye grass in the bathroom

after 7 1/2 years of talking about it we have started taking the bathroom apart. thoughts regarding the timing was "its this years house project" but once we started pulling off the tile we could see the damage on the old lath and plaster walls. so what felt like the next thing to do on the list is now "a must do on the list". the old lath and plaster walls are all coming down except the ceiling, the tub as you can see is on its way out today and by this weekend the old flooring will be off. we are waiting on a bid from the contractor and this morning we ordered the tub (claw tub) and shower combo. after choosing the color "rye grass" by sherwin williams paints for the outside of the tub, little did I realize we weren't losing the old green tub but just replacing it with a new one! now if I can keep Dad from making a strawberry planter out of it ....

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