March 13, 2008

first return

the medicine cabinet arrived yesterday in its over sized packaging ... the cabinet turned out to be "over sized" for our space. we will take a little drive to portland this weekend to return it. found the right size "online" and am hoping for the best.

still waiting on contractor and a few return calls to others folks we hope can help out with this project, in the meantime it allows us to change our minds on hardware choices ... a million times!

as you can see the sun is shining, between rain showers. the heating stove is still needed but the daffodils are in bloom and the tree buds are fattening. dad took a break from interior design decisions and pruned the old pear tree which will pop its blooms any day soon.

we miss each of you.


DM said...

What cabinet are you looking at?

Hope you aren't soap dodging more than normal now that you have a bona fide excuse not to shower.

Miss you tons!

david said...

We switched from one that was 25x32 to it is

About the remember tent camping at Yosemite? Enough said! Actually, have had a couple of baths at Clay and Julie's.